CBA Enterprises Consignment Sales

Contact us by telephone at 907/523-5655, by fax at 907/523-5653 or via Email if you would like to turn that old gun into CASH!

First we'll make arrangements to view your firearm/s. Then we'll provide an estimated current retail value of your firearm/s in today's market (note a large collection or an unusual firearm may take some time to determine values). If you're in agreement with our findings and terms we'll list your firearm/s on the internet. We'll store your firearms on the premises for availability to ship. On average a firearm will sell and ship within thirty (30) days of listing, we'll start at your highest asking price and adjust accordingly if necessary.

Cleaning or repairs.
  A dirty firearm will not sell well.  If your firearm/s are in need of cleaning we'll do it for a small fee ($10 each).  Firearms in need of repairs may need the services of  a Gunsmith in order to obtain higher sales values.

 Highest values for a firearm are usually obtained by: new to good condition, no changes/modifications to the original item as sold, original parts (grips, sights, box, owner's manual, etc.), additional barrels, original finish, provenance (historical information about a particular firearm, including photos or other documentation).

Payment (the good stuff).  If all goes well (rule of thumb), you'll be paid for the sale of your firearm within 30 days after the firearms sells & sooner if possible.  The reason for the delay is that we accept personal checks from buyers (for their convenience) but we add ten (10) days to the process for the check to clear before we ship.  Add another six (6) days to ship to the buyer's FFL (we use express mail).  Add three (3) days for the FFL to get the gun to the buyer and another three (3) days inspection period (non-firing) for the buyer. 

We charge 18% of the sale price of the firearm and a listing fee.  Any shipping is paid by the buyer.

Listing fee:  $15 for a sale up to $500, $20 for a sale up to $750, $25 for a sale up to $1000, $30 for a sale up to $1250.00 and we continue to add $5 for every $250 incremental increase in the actual sale price of the item.  This is to pay the fee for the listing company we use.

There is no fee for an unsold firearm, we simply contact you and arrange for a pick up although you will have to pass the NICS FBI background check.

If you're interested, go to our "Consignment form" & print & complete the form before you contact us (save a little time).

 We do reserve the right not to accept any firearm for consignment or to terminate any consignment auction at any time and return the firearm/s to you the owner. 


CBA Enterprises routinely appraises and sells Estate Collections in a fair and timely manner.  We are specialists in modern and antique firearms, antique swords, knives, optics and other related items.   Please contact us by telephone at 907/523-5655, by fax at 907/523-5653 or via Email if you need additional information or would like us to inventory, appraise, and sell your collection.